In 2018, after a successful run in the titular role of Coriolanus (an all-female adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus) , Nike Imoru partnered with entrepreneur-investor, Rebecca Petriello and co-founded Rebel Kat Film Fund, a  film-finance company.  Ms Petriello had financed the production of Coriolanus: Fight Like A Bitch; and so the dynamic partnership between the two continued from stage to screen.

Rebel Kat Productions is female-led.  The mission is to finance quality film and television that empowers the voices and stories of women, people of colour, members of the LGBTQ and people with disabilities.

This mission applies to narrative and story elements on the screen and  to the voices and talents behind the screen; that is, behind the camera. Rebel Kat supports and empowers that same demographic to co-own the process of production, as directors, cinematographers, designers, screenwriters, producers, composers, editors, and so on.

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