“Having doubts about William Shakespeare’s relevance to present-day politics? “Coriolanus” will quickly dispatch those.”

“Returned home from victory in battle, Roman general Caius Martius is persuaded to run for political office, and despite the general’s denigrations of the working class, its members feel compelled to support him.”

“Making its debut, Rebel Kat Productions’ staging of “Coriolanus” (subtitle: “Fight Like a Bitch”) features an all-female cast, and unlike most gender-reversed castings, the women aren’t merely playing male roles. All of the characters have been changed to women, with pronoun adjustments to match.”

“This is far from a gimmick. Aside from the music (pulsing electronic beats during scene changes and — ugh — Imagine Dragons tunes at intermission) this is largely a faithful classical adaptation, directed with clear-cut precision by Emily Penick. There is no winking about the fact that these traditionally male characters are now female — and there shouldn’t be. Every soldier, senator and lover is fully inhabited.”