Press: Seattle Gay Scene “More women in charge of theater, please!”

“I liked all of the cast but Nike Imoru is an ideal Coriolanus…touch[sic] as nails but with just the right touch of sardonic humor. Kate Witt was exceptional as Roman politician Agrippa, bringing just the right amount of “Hilary-esque” grit to her role. (Note to Seattle theaters: cast Kate Witt in more shows!)  Colleen Carey (who is lead producer of this project) was appropriately menacing and tough as the Volsician general Aufidius. She brought a nice rock ‘n’ roll swagger to the part.

It was also great to have veteran stage and television actor Wendy Robie back on a Seattle stage as the barracuda mother Volumnia, an adept player of politics both public and familial.”

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