Press: ParentMap Review

“Communicating character is the strength of “Fight Like a Bitch”. The actors in this production bring so much more depth to the characters than I found when I studied the play in college. Nike Imoru, with her lean build and larger-than-life action, is completely credible as Coriolanus, the honor-bound warrior whose arrogance makes her completely unfit for public office. Coriolanus has more respect for the opposing army’s general Aufidius than she has for the citizens she is supposed to protect. I almost couldn’t blame her. Colleen Carey’s tough-as-nails Aufidius, who fights for a cause greater than glory, but always falls short of victory, deserves to be a protagonist.

The scheming tribunes (Katherine Jett and Yadira Duarte) are petty and ambitious, but even in their smear campaign against Coriolanus, they are defending democracy. Wendy Robie as Coriolanus’ mother (one of the few roles originally written as female) is the best “bitch” of them all. She makes Volumnia’s flag-waving speeches sound like genuine parenting philosophy, and her exhortations to Coriolanus are so powerfully manipulative. When Coriolanus finally gives in with “Oh mother,” we all felt the weight of their complicated relationship.”

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