Press: Coriolanus: Fight Like A Bitch Receives International Attention!

The buzz about Coriolanus:  Fight Like A Bitch has gone international!

The Mumble – International Cultural Surveyors in Scotland has posted an interview with Colleen Carey, actor and producer, and Katherine Jett, actor.


THE MUMBLE:  Your executive producer for Coriolanus is Rebel Kat Productions, can you tell us about them?

KATHERINE:  Rebel Kat is a new production company, and Coriolanus: Fight Like a Bitch is it’s inaugural production. I have found working with them to be a wonderful and refreshing experience. The company is headed by Rebecca Petriello, who, in addition to being extremely skilled at business in general, has a level of integrity I have never before encountered in a producer. She cares deeply about making art that is meaningful and relevant, and she is really dedicated to doing right by the people working with the company​. I feel very lucky to be one of those people.

THE MUMBLE:  How are you finding juggling producing Coriolanus & performing in it?

COLLEEN:  It’s great! I am so very passionate about the project that I am constantly discovering new opportunities to support and contribute to the work of all the the artists involved in the production. Both crew and cast make up a truly fantastic team!

THE MUMBLE:  Can you describe in a single sentence the experience of putting on a Shakespeare play?

KATHERINE:  No. But I’ll try. It’s like going on an archaeological dig while climbing a mountain, and sometimes you slide back down a little and have to re-climb parts, but by the time you’ve reached to top, you’ve created a path that’s still hard to climb but easy enough to lead tour groups on. (That was a very long sentence, but still technically one.)

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