“Coriolanus: Fight Like a Bitch”: Far from gimmicky, this all-female production of an infrequently produced Shakespeare play was directed with cool precision by Emily Penick. In the lead role, a swaggering Nike Imoru could’ve carried the whole thing single-handedly, but the sharp supporting cast included a subtly conniving Wendy Robie and a harried Kate Witt as a lone beacon of sanity in a world gone mad.”  Dusty Somers, Footlight Awards-the Best and Most Notable Theater in Seattle in 2017

Also, a hearty Rebel Kat Congratulations to Nike Imoru, who played Coriolanus for receiving a Footlight Award (Misha Berson) “Actor bringing it: Nike Imoru’s classical chops and sizzling charisma lit up “Bring Down the House” (Seattle Shakespeare Company), “Coriolanus” (Rebel Kat Productions) and Imoru’s searing autobiographical solo show “Ode.”

Full article here:  https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/theater/footlight-awards-the-best-and-most-notable-in-seattle-theater-in-2017/