CityArts Review: The Raw Power of ‘Coriolanus: Fight Like a Bitch’

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"The relentless, driving direction of Emily Penick kept this story of war, loyalty and betrayal tense and exciting, and the performances were masterful (mistressful?), with emphasis on Nike Imoru as the title character. Rough, confident and utterly compelling as the complex Roman general shoved uncomfortably from the glory of war into politics, Imoru gave us a fully realized, three-dimensional human character, brutal and sometimes funny, fiery and tragic. I found myself booing her tyranny, empathizing with her complexity and cheering her victories." "Wendy Robbie (of Twin Peaks and People Under the Stairs fame) is Coriolanus’ clever and pushy mother—kind of the ultimate Mama Rose—and I was impressed by her strong Shakespearean chops and focused performance. Some other compelling performances asserted themselves: Kate Witt as Menenius Agrippa, the harried and suffering political pragmatist trying to hold the Empire together and quell the insurrection of her starving, angry citizens. She was both humorous and fraught, with just

Press: Seattle Gay Scene “More women in charge of theater, please!”

"I liked all of the cast but Nike Imoru is an ideal Coriolanus…touch[sic] as nails but with just the right touch of sardonic humor. Kate Witt was exceptional as Roman politician Agrippa, bringing just the right amount of “Hilary-esque” grit to her role. (Note to Seattle theaters: cast Kate Witt in more shows!)  Colleen Carey (who is lead producer of this project) was appropriately menacing and tough as the Volsician general Aufidius. She brought a nice rock ‘n’ roll swagger to the part. It was also great to have veteran stage and television actor Wendy Robie back on a Seattle stage as the barracuda mother Volumnia, an adept player of politics both public and familial." Read the entire review here:

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Fierce, muscular warriors ram into and flip each other. They collapse on their adversaries’ backs, choking and pulling and gripping. They grunt and they growl, flashing toned biceps and abs, working up a sweat. This is not happening in a war zone or a cage match, but in a downtown rehearsal hall in Seattle one recent rainy evening. And the buff fighters are not pro wrestlers in training, but cast members in a new, all-women production of William Shakespeare’s historical action drama, “Coriolanus.” (Subtitle: “Fight Like a Bitch.”) Read more:

The Stranger Weighs In Imoru's classical chops are undeniable. I can't wait to see her play the tragic king. Photo:  Rebel Kat Productions Nike Imoru to Play Coriolanus in Coriolanus: Fight Like A Bitch This the Fall: In her recent solo show, Ode, audiences got a taste of the Imoru's command of Shakespearean roles traditionally reserved for men. She bellowed out King Lear's lines with gusto and Macbeth's lines with gravitas. I was blown away. In my review, I asked the theater gods to give this woman a lead role in a Shakespeare play. My wishes have been granted. Thank you, Rebel Kat Productions.

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